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Chaos on the railways: SNCB horaire 's website was targeted, resulting in significant disruptions in Brussels.

sncb horaire

sncb horaire

Commuters to the capital on Thursday morning witnessed widespread complications on the rail network, particularly on the Namur-Brussels and Mons-Brussels routes. Difficult conditions and computer problems were identified as the main reasons. Fortunately, the situation showed signs of improvement by late morning.


According to Infrabel spokesman, Frédéric Sacré, there have been “no major incidents” related to weather conditions on the railway infrastructure. He clarified that there has been no significant impact on traffic in terms of infrastructure. Although occasional problems with the switch may cause minor delays, overall, the switch heater has performed well.

SNCB spokesman Vincent Baier confirmed that trains are running but are facing more challenges than usual, particularly on the Namur-Brussels and Mons-Brussels routes. However, they emphasize that there is no complete disruption of service.

The delays and cancellations are mainly attributed to rolling stock and switch faults, and there may also be complications for SNCB staff getting to their workplaces on Thursday morning.

cyber attack

Furthermore, compounding the challenges, SNCB’s website fell victim to a cyber attack overnight from Wednesday to Thursday. “Last night around 2:00 p.m., the SNCB website suffered a significant DDOS cyber-attack. This type of attack involves flooding targeted web resources with multiple requests, aimed at managing incoming requests to the site. is to disrupt the ability to do,” explains Vincent Bayer.

SNCB immediately activated its security measures, resulting in a temporary unavailability of the website. “Our website is now back up and running,” adds Mr Baier. He further said that a formal complaint will be filed with the concerned authorities. A spokesperson for the railway company concluded by apologizing for any inconvenience caused to passengers.

No big problems on the Stib

On the Stib side, all tram and metro lines were running as normal. Bus lines are also generally served except for a few lines in the south of the capital. Three lines have thus been diverted in Uccle (41, 38 and 37) while line 43 (Vivier d’oie) is not running, a spokesperson for the Brussels public transport company indicated around 7:30 am.

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