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‘Sex Offense Suspect, Who Throwed ‘Bad’ Substance on Mother and Her Two Young Daughters, Still Not Arrested

“Police believe that the suspect, Abdul Shakoor Ezedi, may have sustained serious injuries on the right side of his face.

Authorities in Britain are seeking the public’s help in finding Abdul Shakoor Yazidi, who is believed to be responsible for attacking a mother and her two young children with a poisonous substance in south London on Wednesday. As a result, he was seriously injured. . Yazidi, 35, is suspected of having traveled from Newcastle on Thursday before the attack, according to an update from Metro Police Superintendent Gabriel Cameron.
Despite investigators treating the attack as targeted, the motive behind it remains unclear. Cameron said police are actively working to understand the circumstances surrounding the incident. “We are working with partner agencies and forces, including the British Transport Police, to find and apprehend [Ezedi],” Cameron stressed in a statement, urging the public to report any sightings of Ezedi. Report by calling 999 immediately and advise not to contact him.
Cameron also said that Yazidi is believed to have suffered significant injuries to the right side of his face during the attack. Surveillance footage captured around 70 minutes after the incident, obtained by the BBC from a Tesco Express in north London, shows Yazidi with facial injuries around the right eye. The BBC reports that Yazidi has a previous conviction as a sex offender. Police announced earlier on Wednesday that a 31-year-old woman and her two daughters – aged 3 and 8 – were found on Lesser Avenue in the London Borough of Lambeth at around 7.25pm. was thrown “Although none of these conditions are life-threatening, the injuries to the woman and the young girl could be life-changing. It will take time for hospital staff to determine how serious it is,” Cameron said in an initial statement. Can,” Cameron said in an opening statement.
Later, a police official said at a press briefing that the mother was still “very unwell” and expected to have life-changing injuries, while the children’s injuries were “unlikely to be life-changing”. are It highlighted that three additional adults, including two women in their 30s and one in her 50s, were injured while trying to help the mother and her two children. Additionally, five personnel were treated for minor injuries at the hospital before being released. In his initial announcement,
Cameron said, “It was reported that a person had thrown a child to the ground, and a substance – now identified as alkaline – had been thrown. The person drove the vehicle. I tried to run away but he crashed into a parked car, then fled on foot towards Clapham Common.” “A resident of the street where the incident happened told the BBC that after a loud and sudden noise, she ran outside and saw a man throwing a child on the ground, picking him up, And repeating this process. The witness rushed to save the child, but the mother said in distress, “I can’t see, I can’t see,” as reported by the outlet. The companion of the witness tried to chase the accused who managed to escape. Authorities have appealed for anyone with information on Yazidi’s whereabouts to contact the Metro Police Incident Room on 0207 175 2784.


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