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HomemovieEntertainmentSpaceman Official Trailer Netflix

Spaceman Official Trailer Netflix


In the midst of a lonely research expedition to the outer reaches of the solar system, astronaut Jacob (played by Adam Sandler) discovers a disturbing feeling: the marriage he left behind on his return to Earth after six months could not be. Desperate to make things right with his wife, Lenka (portrayed by Carrie Mulligan), Jacob receives unexpected help from a mysterious creature, Hanus (voiced by Paul Dano), who dates from the beginning of time and plunges into the depths of his spaceship has been found. Collaborating with Hino, Jacob tries to solve the problems that jeopardize his relationship with Lenka before it’s too late. Directed by Johann Rank and inspired by the novel “Spaceman of Bohemia”, the film also stars Kunal Nair, Lena Olsen and Isabella Roselini. “Spaceman” is set to premiere on Netflix on March 1.

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Spaceman Transcript

On behalf of the Euro Space Program,189 days into your solo journey,

Commander Prochazka, how are you feeling?
What I’m doing is for everyone back home,and that makes me very proud.

And your wife, Lenka, of course.
I’m sure she’s looking forward to having you home safe and sound.
He’s not doing well.
He misses his wife.
Then he shouldn’t have left.

Six months in isolation, you start thinking too much.

I’m getting interference.

I did not intend to frighten you, skinny human.Do not be afraid.I’m losing my mind.You wish to know if I am real.I am like you.An explorer.Your loneliness intrigued me.Why are you here?I might be of help.I wish to assist you in your emotional distress.I don’t need your help.But you do.You go where I go, and I go where you go. Right, Spaceman?These are your thoughts.I am simply finding them with you.Everything that begins must end.I’m not allowing that.You go where I go, and I go where you go.I just want to come home.


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