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Travis kelce retire

Before Jason Kelce officially announced his retirement, his mother Donna Kelce shared with us an insight into his illustrious career
Travis kelce retire

Travis kelce retire

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And, she tells trends .com  what she did when Jason and Travis Kelce fought as kids.

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Travis kelce retire

Before her son Jason Kelce informed his teammates of his retirement from football, Donna Kelce reflected on the qualities that made the Philadelphia Eagles center truly extraordinary. Instead of dwelling on his potential future Hall of Fame status, he emphasized the passion he brought to the game and the deep love the city had for him.

“It’s been heartwarming to see how Philadelphia has embraced him,” said Donna Kelis, mother of brothers Jason and Travis Kelis, in an interview with before Jason’s retirement was announced. “Jason is a remarkable individual, and being told he can’t do anything just fuels the fire inside him.

The retirement of Jason Kelce.

After the Philadelphia Eagles ended their season with a 32-9 playoff loss to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers on January 15, Jason Kelce announced his retirement to his teammates, the NFL confirmed.

In contrast, Jason’s younger brother, Travis Kelce, a tight end for the Kansas City Chiefs and in a relationship with Taylor Swift, remains in contention for the Super Bowl.

“I’m truly excited that both cities have developed a strong relationship with both Jason and Travis,” expressed Donna Kelis, reflecting on her sons’ NFL journey. “They’re really larger-than-life people who attract amazing people around them. It’s genuinely enjoyable.

When Travis and Jason Kelce had disagreements
Travis kelce retire

Despite the media attention, trending recipes, and, of course, photos with Taylor Swift, Donna Kelce insists that she’s just a mom.

In a comprehensive interview with Trend .com the woman affectionately known as “Mama Kelis” recounted her experience raising two professional athletes who were quite the handful during her upbringing.

His strategy to calm them down and then end their conflict? Just one word: “Dad.

Once they reached a certain size, there was nothing I could do.
Travis kelce retire

Donna Kelce tussles with her sons Jason and Travis during their childhood

Once they reached a certain size, there was nothing I could do.

It was a turning point, she tells

She confirms that the brothers have “always shared a strong bond.”

“If someone said something bad about their sibling, they would be the first to come to their defense,” she notes.
Yet, there was also a sense of “sibling rivalry” during their upbringing.

“There’s always this constant tussle for space, and that’s just the nature of families,” she observes. “A lot of people try to stop it. But, in a way, it’s beneficial because it teaches you how to navigate relationships.”

Their physical altercation ended during high school.

“As soon as they were of equal height and weight, it ended because it was a fair match, and they realized they could hurt each other,” she explains. “There is always one last fight, and this is the end of it.

Travis kelce retire

Donna Kelce delivers cookies to her sons Jason Kelce and Travis Kelce on opening night of the 2023 Super Bowl. Image credit TOP TRENDS Getty Images

On January 13, Travis Kelce and the Chiefs earned their first playoff victory over the Miami Dolphins, 26 7. Coincidentally, the next day saw the Eagles eliminated from the playoffs.

 Donna Kelce was at both games.

Pregame celebrations, Taylor Swift, and the presence of paparazzi. Travis kelce retire

To mark the football postseason, Donna Kelce has teamed up with Heluva Good! Dips for an extensive game-day countdown calendar featuring seven days of recipes — including his own. According to him, the key to flourishing lies in food.

Collaborations like these are just a glimpse of the different ways the famous NFL mom engages directly with fans.

“Everyone who has contacted me has been incredibly kind, supportive and has expressed their love for my boys,” she shares. “What mother doesn’t want to hear that?

Travis kelce retire

Donna Kelce, with her expertise in tailgating and food, collaborated with Heluva Good! Dive in to create a calendar that guides fans in the countdown to the Big Game. Graciously contributed by Helluva Good.

His sons began their sporting journey at the age of 3, initially starting with football. At this point, she insists that pre-game nerves are a thing of the past.

“It’s become second nature. It’s just part of their life. I enjoy it. I have fun,” she expresses. “No particular ritual. I’m not particularly superstitious.”

However, she maintains a consistent game day habit.

“I want to let them know I’ll be watching and wish them the best,” she shares.

Even when reminiscing about their inaugural playoff games — Jason’s in 2013 and Travis’ in 2016 — she recalls being more awestruck.

It's funny that they're leaving an old lady behind... obviously, it's because of my boys and their connections. Travis kelce retire

Travis kelce retire
Donna Kelce on photographing her sons at soccer games.

elce, as seen when he and Swift grabbed attention for enthusiastically participating in a stadium-wide swag surf at the Chiefs-Dolphins playoff game on Jan. 13.

Swift’s presence during games often draws the cameras to her, and occasionally, Donna Kelce finds herself in the spotlight due to the closeness.

“It’s a bit funny that they’re following an old lady,” she quips. “But it’s obviously because of my boys and their connections, so I totally understand the allure of it.

Travis kelce retire
At the Chiefs-Broncos game at Arrowhead Stadium on Oct. 12, Taylor Swift and Donna Kelce are engaged in conversation. (Image credit: TOP TREND /Getty Images

He mentioned encountering many “characters” through his sons’ well-known football teammates.

“These are big personalities—with a deep love of life, highly motivated, with a treasure trove of great stories because of the people they’ve been through,” she notes. “There is a constant stream of anecdotes, some poignant and some downright hilarious.

“So, my greatest gift is sharing these experiences with them and with some of their fellow athletes,” she concludes.


I'd like to say I was the kind of mom who carefully prepared and brought snacks, but I didn't. I bought them all. Travis kelce retire

Donna Kelce for providing ‘team snacks’ when her football-playing sons were young

The bond of friendship also extends to her fellow NFL moms.

“They are truly remarkable individuals,” she admits. “I understand the challenges they’ve faced, and there’s a kind of empathy when we connect with each other.”

This automatic connection is based on the shared experience of sacrifice.

“We all recognize the effort we put in when our kids were young, trying to make ends meet because it’s an expensive journey,” she explains.

Describing the experience of raising the Kelis boys

Travis kelce retire

When asked about the amount of time devoted to preparing for or participating in her sons’ sports, Donna Kelis described it as overwhelming.

“I can’t even imagine; there were very few days that we weren’t involved in something,” she explains. “So I don’t know – 30 years, at least an hour or two a day.”

When her sons went to college, she felt like she was “raised” because of the reduced grocery bill.

“It’s continuous grazing. You prepare enough food… and they’ll be hungry an hour later,” she remarks.

While raising her five sons, Donna Kelce worked in banking.

“I wish I could say I was the kind of mom who carefully prepared and brought snacks, but I didn’t,” she admits. “I bought them all.”

“They were marshmallow treats, gummies, and various other snacks — anything that could give them a little extra energy before we went out for coffee later.”

Travis kelce retire

Donna Kelce's 'Grandmother's Name

The relationships between NFL moms don’t quite match the relationships between mothers of college football players,” she explains. “In college, you live with the same kids for five years.”

“In the NFL, it’s a little different because the players end up with girlfriends and wives, so the mothers aren’t as deeply involved,” she adds.

Travis Kelce is currently in a relationship with Taylor Swift, and Jason Kelce, married to Kylie Kelce, has three daughters.

Travis kelce retire
Lane Johnson #65 and Jason Kelce #62 of the Philadelphia Eagles react after the win against the Dallas Cowboys at Lincoln Financial Field on November 5, 2023. TOP TREND/Getty Images

She openly mentions that Jason is her “favorite” child for one simple reason – he’s given her grandchildren.

Jason and Kylie Kelce are the parents of three daughters: Wyatt, Elliott, and Bennett, the youngest of whom was born less than two weeks after the 2023 Super Bowl.

Donna Kelce’s grandmother goes by the name “DD”.

“It’s the first letter of my name, and it’s usually the first letter they can say,” she explains.

Regarding her grandparenting style, she doesn’t describe herself as a “typical” grandmother who is “around 24/7.”

“I fly in a lot, have a great time, and then fly back,” she shares, “which I’m sure is much to the chagrin of my son and his wife. “

“It’s great to see life through a child’s eyes,” he says, stressing his love for spending time with all three girls.


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