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HomemovieEntertainmentRamón opens up about his difficult childhood: - I was bullied

Ramón opens up about his difficult childhood: – I was bullied

The 26-year-old has had a long and tortuous path to life as an artist.


This Saturday, it is the Norwegian singer and songwriter, Ramón Torres Andresen (26), who is being celebrated on Kjerringøy in “Hver gang vi møtes”.

In the program he is praised by his artist colleagues William Kristoffersen (72), Emelie Hollow (25), Tom Stræte Lagergren (32), Ingrid Helene Håvik (36), Odin Staveland, and Mari Boine (67).

– The fact that the others interpreted my songs was very nice, and I thought it was a great experience. It was special to have your own day in “Hver gang vi mötes”, says the 26-year-old to Top trend


In 2022, Ramón Torres Andresen had the breakthrough of all time when the song “Ok, jeg lover” smashed all previous Norwegian Spotify plays within a day and today has over 21 million plays.

The debut album that followed, “So clearly it hurts”, ensured nominations in P3 Gold, in addition to Spellman nominations for both “Breakthrough of the Year” and “Song of the Year”.

Own office
TV 2 meets Ramón in his own office in central Oslo, which he shares with his manager. He is honest that right now during the day, it is a bit quiet around him, but in the summer and not least in the autumn it is very loud.



It’s nice to have an office, then I treat my artistic life more like a job, says Ramón.

Different children
In the programme, Ramón talks about growing up, where he describes himself as a different child. He grew up with only his mother, and it was only when he got a little older that he understood that he was a little outside the box.

He was very good socially, he feels himself. And he wasn’t too afraid to stand out. He just didn’t fit in on the football field and would rather sing and be on a stage.


I didn’t realize I was a little different until I was older. When I say I’m a different child, it’s more that I’m a little outside the box. In retrospect, I see that people were not good because I did not have the same interests. I don’t like to say I was bullied, but I was. But then I can realize that children are not always nice and I can understand that in retrospect. But I was not ignored – on the contrary, he tells TV 2.

Idol and Putti pluti pott
Ramón wanted to focus on music and his mother was very supportive and a person who understood what he wanted. He grew up in Ski and in Gjerdrum outside Oslo, so he depended on being driven as a child.

He wanted to prove to himself that he was good at something, and then he wanted to sing with the best. First he got the lead role as Putti Plutti Pott in the musical of the same name. He had it for three years.


Later he became too old for the role. Thus the choir Oslo Soul Children became, where he was allowed to express himself with singing from the age of ten.

– It started very early and I went to the choir for many years and stopped when I was 17 years old. It was a very defining year for me. There are many from that choir who are also artists now, such as “Makosir”. Others have become actors and producers, so it’s nice that we can cheer each other on, he says.


Ramón signed up for Idol when he was 15 years old. He didn’t tell anyone and kept it a secret. He made it through the audition, and made it to the live broadcasts.

– I felt that Idol was the start of something, because the judges thought I was good enough. And then I got really hungry to do more like that. This is ten years, and it’s crazy to think about, he says.


Big breakthrough

With the song “Ok, jeg lover”, which Ramón teased to his fans on Tiktok for the first time, he quickly became popular. It thus became the year’s most played song on the radio and on Spotify in 2022.


One of the reasons for his success is of course the songs, where he tells about recognizable stories such as uncertainty, grief, search, love and loneliness. At the same time, the Ski boy is loved by fans and followers for how personal and humorous he is on social media.

The song “Ok, jeg lover” is about falling in love again and what expectations you might have after a tough breakup, but it should be a positive love song.


With that song, his career really took off. When the song was released on February 18, 2022, at midnight, fans were ready, to say the least.


After just over an hour, the song had passed 50,000 streams, in the middle of the night, on a weekday. After a day, Ramón was not far from a million.

– 19 February 2022 is the day I have known the most success as an artist. It was a day when the big thing happened and I felt that I had finally succeeded in music. I got corona the week after, and then there were a lot of interviews. I wasn’t used to that attention, and the rest of the year became intense and it completely took off, says Ramón.

Oslo Spectrum
When Karpe held concerts in Oslo Spektrum in August 2022, Ramón was in the audience. He himself is very inspired by and watching how they work, and thinks it’s great to see Norwegian artists deliver like they are international artists.

On 26 October this year, he brings the band and a number of surprises to Oslo Spektrum to show off his so-called “Torres Tivoli”.


Playing live is the best part of being an artist, he thinks, and right now he’s sitting in his office planning his own show. He thinks it’s all a bit surreal, but is looking forward to showing off on Norway’s biggest stage.


– I think I will do Oslo Spektrum once in my life, and then I will do it properly. And then people around me say that maybe I’ll do it again, but suddenly I don’t get that opportunity. So it really is the “peak” for me to do this now, Ramón concludes to top trend



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