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Pacific nation Nauru cuts ties to Taiwan, switches to China

On Monday, the South Pacific nation of Nauru declared the termination of its diplomatic relations with Taiwan, opting instead to establish recognition with China.

The announcement followed the election of independence-leaning Lai Ching-te as Taiwan’s next president. In an official statement, the Nauru government announced its decision that Taiwan would no longer be recognized as an independent entity but as an integral part of the Chinese mainland. China claims sovereignty over Taiwan, a democratic and autonomous island, and has vowed to eventually reunify with it, even if by force if necessary.

Nauru immediately announced the severing of diplomatic ties with Taiwan, signaling the end of official ties and exchanges. In response, Taiwan announced the termination of diplomatic relations with Nauru, citing the protection of national dignity. Taiwan’s presidential office has accused Beijing of engaging in “diplomatic coercion”, saying such actions undermine democratic values ​​and challenge global stability.

The competition between Taiwan and China for allies in the Pacific region includes economic incentives, aid packages, and support for various development initiatives. Some analysts attribute the unexpected shift in NATO’s foreign policy, which has traditionally been critical of China, to the election of President David Adiang in October last year.

Nauru joined other Pacific nations, such as the Solomon Islands, in choosing to recognize China over Taiwan in 2019, raising concerns among Western allies about growing Chinese influence in the strategically important Pacific region. were born. Currently, only a limited number of states, including the Holy See, retain full recognition of Taiwan. In Africa, Eswatini is the only country that officially recognizes Taiwan, while in Latin America, seven states such as Belize, Guatemala, Haiti and Paraguay maintain full diplomatic relations with Taiwan.

It is worth noting that Taiwan previously severed diplomatic ties with Nauru in July 2002, only to reconcile in 2005 when Nauru approached Taiwan for recognition. With a population of about 12,500, Nauru is one of the smallest countries in the world, located about 4,000 kilometers northeast of Sydney.

China approves and welcomes Nauru’s decision to cut diplomatic ties with Taiwan

China expressed its approval of Nauru’s decision to cut ties with Taiwan.

A spokesman for Beijing’s foreign ministry said, “As a sovereign and sovereign nation, Nauru has announced that it has severed its so-called ‘diplomatic relations’ with Taiwan and will restore ties with China.

ready to do. The spokesman emphasized China’s appreciation and welcome for the resolution of the Nauru government and said that China is the only entity in the world and Taiwan is an integral and inseparable part of it.

The decision of the Norwegian government to resume diplomatic relations with China once again fully demonstrates that the One China principle reflects public sentiment and is in line with the general trend,” the spokesperson added.

China is ready to open a new chapter in bilateral relations with Nauru based on this principle.



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